Who is Sliver0?

Sliver0 aka Sliver.
Streaming from Sydney, Australia, I am into a wide variety of games, especially multiplayer survival/building games.
Though at this point I am planning on concentrating on Truck and Farming games on stream.
Family friendly stream, so please keep it pg rated in chat, and if you are not tolerant of others, maybe find somewhere else to hang out where that is acceptable.

Vehicle Sims:
Snowrunner, American Truck Sim, Euro Truck Sim2, Farming Sim 22, Lawn Mowing Sim

Multiplayer Survival Games:
Satisfactory, Grounded, Eco, Vulcanoids, Empyrion – Galactic Survival, Interstellar Rift, Stationeers, Astroneer, Raft, Voidtrain, Factorio, Generation Zero, Scrap Mechanic